How to Make a Dell Laptop Better than Before?

Although there are several methods to make your laptop faster such as tweaking the BIOS settings, generic overclocking software to adjust CPU voltage and timing and many more. Regardless of which method you employ, remember that overclocking will surely improve your laptop speed, but also may void warranty.

No matter whether it is Windows or Mac, accessible or expensive, a slow laptop is always alike a nightmare. If you really want to get rid of this dreadful experience and looking for a perfect solution so that this pathetic situation won’t happen again. You need follow these steps presented by Dell UK Support to give a fresh breeze to your computer.

Setup Your Computer’s Tasks and Programs

When you open several applications at once, they all occupies required space in the memory which leads to the laptop hanging or freezing. Each application eats up laptop resources in RAM, GPU & CPU in the form of temporary file. To resolve that, go to the Task Manager and open the Services tab and here, setup your programs and services according to your need.

Control Startup Programs

Startup programs are the major obstacles for slowing down your laptop. The startup runs some auto-loaded programs which are certainly not essential for your computer. Almost every major Operating System including, Windows and Mac allows you to configure the startup applications. To this end, downplay things you do not need as often to maximise the performance of your machine, and then go back in and return to the normal mode.

Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a inbuilt utility by Microsoft Corporation for Window. This is a convenient cleaning tool used to remove paging, temporary data and other potential junks such as debug dump files, error reports, and thumbnails. To clean those junks, type ‘cleanup’ in the search bar of start menu, and select ‘Disk Cleanup’ from the available options.

If you face any kind of difficulty while applying the above technique, contact us by dialling our Dell Printer Helpline Number +44-2038-687821. Here, our experts will help to optimise the performance of your Dell laptop.


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