What are the General Troubleshooting Steps for a Dell Printer?

Dell is the top most brand providing Laptops, Phone, Tablets, Printers, etc., which are used by millions of people across the globe. The printing machine offered by Dell is a great innovation, which has altered the name of copying, writing and re-writing. Yet, there are some technical faults which a user face while using it. There are some general troubleshooting steps which can be followed whenever you face any difficulty and mishap with your device.

  • Firstly, remove both ends of a USB cable connecting printer and the computer.
  • Now, reboot the system and power off the printer.
  • Remove the power cord of Dell machine from A/C outlet and leave it like this for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug the power cord back in the position and also turn on the Dell machine.
  • Try to print a test page. If prints successfully no further actions are required and if not, proceed to next step.
  • Verify the desired printing machine is set as the default printer.
    • Press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open a Run dialog window.
    • Type shell: PrintersFolder and press Enter button or click OK.
    • Locate the desired printer and make a right-click on its name to select Set as default printer.
  • Check, if the printing machine’s portal settings and IP address are right and system is on the network.
  • Run the troubleshooter to diagnose the issue with the printing machine and let it correct the printer spooler error if any.
  • Again, print a test page to check its workability. If prints successfully no further actions are required and if not, continue to the next step.
  • Apply a system restore to a time when the machine was working.
  • Finally, if above step also doesn’t work then uninstall the printer driver and download it again to the latest version.

So, these were the general troubleshooting steps to make your Dell machine work again in a proper way. For additional knowledge, contact Dell Printer Technical Support UK and get the support for all technical glitches in your printing machine. We’ll help you to make your machine work smoothly by providing a better performance. Our handler gives the perfect and timely solution to any technical or non-technical error. There are many hindrances you face with your printer to which the solution can’t found. In that case, we help the customers without wasting much time and provide them with the best suitable solution.


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